Welcome to Lafferty Mandolins


Adam McIntosh - Tone Expert

For years I wanted to offer a line of mandolins and mandolin family instruments.   My thought was I could control the quality and the cost better by working direct with a few small builders.  In 2011 we began working with a couple of small builders here in the USA to design instruments.   Our mandolin family instruments are hand built in a small shop in Arizona while our carved top mandolins are hand built in a small shop in Tennessee.   In 2012 we introduced a high quality import F model that is hand built in China. At Lafferty mandolins we are committed to offering players the best possible instruments, at the best possible prices!  If a new instrument is in your future, I hope you will consider allowing Lafferty mandolins into your home. For more information please contact us at sales@laffertymandolins.com .

Dennis Vance / Founder